About Me

For over 3 years I am working on android ROM development and application development.Currently I am working on KitKat based ROM’s and I have developed a well rounded set of skills to deliver consistent and measurable results.

I manage projects from beginning to end — whether it is determining initial goals and objectives, or working to bring ideas to life using the latest technology.

  • mohamed

    good work >>>>>>>>>>

    • Ravi Basawa

      Thank u :)

  • Franco

    when will you develop StockBean V2?? ^^

  • RaviBasawa

    @disqus_ErBYF0v9cG:disqus @disqus_B2MIz0f35j:disqus My Galaxy fit is hard bricked, so wait till i get it repaired.

  • Utkarsh

    when will your mobile be repaired ???
    waiting for AOKP X

  • Kaushal Raval

    Hello friends !
    As you must me knowing that there have not been many RHBrom releases recently. That’s because Ravi H Basawa has bricked his device.
    I would urge all followers of RHBroms to help him out …. may be we can fund so that he can repair his device.
    I think we can surely do that so that he can keep on the good work and give us amazing experiences on our Fit

  • Yogesh Zend

    I am having an issue with Aircel Sim Card as if all other sim cards are working fine but when i use Aircel Sim card the phone just reboots i had tried with 3 different Aircel Sim cards and same once the network bar is ON the phone reboots. I cant use the phone with Aircel Sim card. Can u please let me know what i need to do for this problem.

  • jotaeneoh

    cuando las otras roms ????

    • RaviBasawa

      Use only English language.

  • vivek

    make a rom fast rhbroms i want for my gfit

  • vivek

    make a fast rh

  • vivek

    i want aokpxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • vivek

    when the romms comes make a fast 2month is so late no rom is came for my gfit

  • vivek

    N put the android 2.3 camer apk on aokpx. android 2.3 camera is good so put the in jelly bean roms ok

  • vivek

    RaviBasawa make it fast roms plessssssssssssss

  • vivek

    black jb make it fast by put android 2.3 camera

  • RaviBasawa

    @disqus_oMljZyJL7M:disqus read this post http://www.rhbroms.com/need-help/

  • http://www.facebook.com/rhooziie Fahrul Rozi

    Great job Mr. Ravi
    thanks fr ur job
    but, please put some app 2 sd on ur job for Galaxy Fit rom…
    and once again thanks :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/himanshu.saluja Himanshu Saluja

    hey rhb i have download me 4 when i install a error “installation aborted,error in package ME v4 Black_Edition by RAVI H BASAWA_3.zip (status)7 plz help i want in my fit

    • RaviBasawa

      you have to download the ROM once again there is a problem in the zip file what you have downloaded.

  • neha

    make a roms na rhb

  • neha

    so long time is gone u not a makeing a r u sleeping make fast n good roms for my gfit

  • neha

    make the roms 1 year gone whatss the problem your work is there make it fast………………………………………………………………………………………

  • neha

    r u sleeping rhb for 1 year i thing so not make a roms so long time

  • neha

    bola la na rhb what happend
    y u not making a roms for my gfit ha

  • jyotiranjan

    ravi sir one question for u never mind . if u know so much about roms and its installations ,can u tell me how did u bricked your phone please give your feed back i am wating for it very eagerly……..please tell please…………………..

    • RaviBasawa

      It happened because I accidentally flashed wrong files which doesn’t work with our device(i.e., Galaxy Fit).

  • yokesh

    Sir can u integrate a software update feature with the roms which u build. It should directly connect to the server and if any new version is released it should be downloaded directly from the mobile and instal. Just as the usual software update of official samsung roms. Please tell me if its possible…….

  • vijeth

    Sir, Are you sure that all the basic features will work if i install jellybean on my samsung galaxy fit?

    • http://rhbroms.com/ Ravi H Basawa


  • 7UODA

    try to make a gaming rom for galaxy fit based on 2.3.6 GB so we can install chainfire and try to make the ram clear as possible please :D

  • Mahdiya

    hey i tried rooting my fone from Gb to stockbean 2
    …. everything works fine except that i am unable to receive calls…. when some one tries to call up my number they hear the first ring and gets an automated voice msg stating number busy … there is no prob with the sim as i can make call recv txts data works fine… Please help ….I am unable to recv to calls … and when someone tries to call me i get missed call notification.. PLease help

  • Mahdiya

    please do help me .. I am awaiting ur reply.. what has to be done to recv calls like how it was before…. Please please please help me … I juz love SBv2

    • http://rhbroms.com/ Ravi H Basawa

      As far as I remember I have already shared a patch file for it. Please search it. If u still don’t find it, just send a request to join rhbroms group in FB.

  • ganesh uraw

    me android phone galaxy fit …………….. not showing in com port mapping……..what should i do

    • http://rhbroms.com/ Ravi H Basawa

      I am not getting your question. Please can u elaborate?

  • Zocky

    give me link for music edition v3 for galaxy fit custom ROM pls?



  • Sanjay


    I am new to android testing,

    i have followed all above steps and it was perfect. but while executing same code i got an error.
    Please guide me how to solve.

    error occured while executing

    Can’t open specified script file
    Usage: monkeyrunner [options] SCRIPT_FILE

    -s MonkeyServer IP Address.
    -p MonkeyServer TCP Port.
    -v MonkeyServer Logging level (ALL, FINEST, FINER, FINE, CONFIG, INFO, WARNING, SEVERE, OFF)


    • http://rhbroms.com/ Ravi H Basawa

      As the tutorial on Monkeyrunner is old now. I am soon going to write a new one soon. Please bare with us.